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Classes in session Saturdays from 6:45 AM – 12:00 PM
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Workforce Development Initiative Initiative Initiative

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Construction Industry Problem

“An added concern is the decline in the number of construction workers ages 25-54, which fell 8% over the past decade. Meanwhile, the share of older workers exiting the workforce soared,” said Basu. “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the industry’s average age of retirement is 61, and more than 1 in 5 construction workers are currently older than 55.

Upstate Interiors Solutions

Upstate’s workforce development initiative seeks to address the workforce shortage in the construction industry by introducing the trades to city and county residents.

UI/UIA Process

Upstate Interiors work with residents to provide wrap- around services and training with the goal of getting residents in the Union. We have teamed up with community partners and stakeholders to streamline the process in getting city and county residents into the union. Upon entry into the Union, Upstate Interiors Academy provides ongoing training at their training center so residents can master the skills necessary to become skilled professionals.

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A group of construction workers working on a metal wall.

North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters Local 276

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     Dwayne McClary
Carpenter Instructor 

I started my journey as a union carpenter with Upstate Interiors. They provided me with the confidence and training that helped me secure a position as the first black instructor for the Rochester’s Carpenter’s training center. I am grateful for the opportunity they provided me. My passion is to share my knowledge and skills with city and county residents to help them become masters of their trade.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


     Natasha McClary Dicks  Site Manager 

Natasha McClary Dicks serves as Upstate Interiors Academy site manager. She has been a Human Resource professional with over a decade of diverse, progressive experience in all aspects of assisting staff, directors, and executives. She is currently the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer with Rochester Housing Authority dedicated to fostering respect and belonging within the workplace.

UI/UIA Wrap Around Services

* Union Entrance Fee

* Hand Tools

* Transportation

* Relocation expenses

* Weekly Check-ins

* Ongoing Training

* Social-emotional development classes   

UI/UIA Track Record

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Two pictures of construction workers working on a building.
Two pictures of people working on a construction site.

In the months since Upstate Interiors have started our workforce initiative, we have hired ten city and county residents and have more that are going through our onboarding process.

* Frederick Douglass Storage Facility RIA

* Wilson Magnet High School

* Enrico Fermi RCSD #17

* Roberto Clemente RCSD #8

* Batavia City School District

* Joseph Avenue Branch Lincoln Library

Community Partners

UIA Trainee Testimonials

UI/UIA Vision for the future

*Develop more relationships with community organizations

*Strengthen and enhance current partnerships

*Implement a blueprint reading, estimating, and project manager classes

*Bring our model to the Bricklayers, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing trades.

*Secure sponsors, grants, funding

Join UI/UIA Initiative Initiative Initiative

Are you in high school, out of high school and have been considering a career in the construction industry? Do you know anyone who has the talent for building/creating and would excel in the construction industry? 

If so, please contact Nashee McClary, Business Manager at 585 502-9072 and explore if a career in the construction trades is right for you.

Union Benefits

* Prevailing Wages
* Health & Welfare
* Pension Fund
* Annuity
* Education & Training
* Safety Training
* Vacation
* Wages and Fringe Benefits

Upstate Interiors welcomes all Construction Industry leaders, Community Partners, agencies, individuals to become a sponsor and support Upstate’s Workforce Development Initiative with a financial donation. Your donations would be used to help remove barriers that prevent residents from being able to pursue a career in the construction industry.