Construction project results


Upstate Interiors is committed to meeting the highest construction standards for our customers by surpassing their expectations and by having a lasting impact in the communities that we serve. Our Mission is accomplished when we have hired, trained, and equipped people to be productive, contributing citizens in their communities, and our customers are completely satisfied.


Upstate Interiors, LLC is a New York State certified minority, disadvantaged business that was incorporated in 2010. Family owned and operated the owner has 30 years of construction experience. He has a vast knowledge in architectural design, carpentry, finish work, and plaster repair. Upstate Interiors has developed over the years by focusing on commercial projects and we have self-performed all our work with great craftmanship. The company has always had a training component to help introduce the construction trades to city and county residents and we hope to build on this legacy.


Cecil McClary Jr., Founder, President – Cecil’s cousin introduced him to the construction trade at the age of 17. Cecil perfected his craft through hands on experience along with trade schooling. His passion exudes through his work bringing the people he services vision to life through their architectural design. Cecil has extensive experience renovating historical churches and commercial buildings. Cecil is a very successful master finisher and plasterer. As the president of Upstate Interiors, LLC, he is highly involved with the day-to-day operations. Cecil was recognized as contractor of the year for his extraordinary accomplishments. His gift to connect with people has been instrumental in maintaining Upstate Interiors long lasting relationships within our community.

Cecil always dreamed of introducing the construction trades to city and county residents. The trades gave him the ability to use his creative talents in ways to rebuild our community at a young age. Cecil’s inspiration has always been to build a family business to equip others. His main objective is to give people the necessary skills needed to help themselves and others. Investing in the next generation is the key to carry on this legacy. Cecil’s goal over the next several years is for Upstate Interiors to be a vehicle to provide opportunities for individuals introducing them to the construction industry. Cecil and his team are highly skilled to conduct an intensive hands on training providing individuals the skills to become master carpenters and finishers. Cecil takes pride in sharing his vast knowledge and insight garnered through his decades of experience in the construction industry.

Knofi McClary, Vice President, Project Executive. True to the family tradition this 2nd generation contractor has gained hands on experience managing projects throughout the years. Knofi has managed a wide range of public and private projects. This includes key sectors such as hospitals, university/public school systems, and airports. Knofi obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Albany State University and a Master’s degree in Education from Roberts Wesleyan College. He also holds a Leadership degree from McDaniel College.

As a principal of the company, Knofi is keenly focused on growing Upstate Interiors and continues to build long-lasting relationships with customers and community partners.  He is passionate about the continual progress and upward mobility of Upstate’s workforce development initiative.

Nashee McClary, Business Manager, Nashee is highly focused on details and manages the day-to-day office operations including accounting and human resources. A graduate from New York University, Nashee earned a Masters of Social Work degree and is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW). Nashee has developed and run her own business. Nashee has always had a gift of bringing out the best in people and believes in developing the “whole person”. She is passionate about developing relationships with customers and community partners. Nashee is committed to training and developing the next generation and plans to continue to play a vital role in coaching life skills to all of our staff.

Chris Nicholas, Director of Operations has over 23 years in the construction industry. He has worked at all levels within the industry successfully bidding and managing multi-million-dollar projects.

Our Core Values: THE UI UI UI WAY

Unique – We believe that people are talented and possess different skills to do great things when given opportunities.
Professionalism – We are focused at providing quality customer service.
Safety – The safety and health of our employees is our top priority.
Timeliness – We feel meeting schedules and deadlines are paramount in the construction industry.
Attention to details – We are committed to planning with the end in mind with a strong focus on the details.
Team Work – We are dedicated to building relationships with stakeholders and community partners to accomplish our mission.
Equity – We strive to provide opportunities to people of all backgrounds.